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We are contributing to Grid simulations, Monte Carlo software, TDAQ design and Physics Analysis.

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Please visit our wiki to find documentation and to follow the progress of our work for NA62.

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Physics studies. Measurements of RK and Re (2018)

NA62, aka 'The Kaon Factory', is an experiment on the SPS at CERN, aimed to measure the very rare kaon decay K+ → π+ + ν + ν and extract a 10% measurement of the CKM parameter |vtd|. NA62 has started taking data in 2014 and plans to collect about 100 K+ → π+ + ν + ν events if the Standard Model prediction is correct.
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DIRAC Production Interface

Grid Production. Monte Carlo Production Tools and Resource Management (2013-2017)

Visit the production portal, and read more in this wiki.

TDAQ Expertise. FPGA-based Trigger and Data Acquisition system (2015)

Read more in this JINST paper.

A VME Crate in the NA62 hall

Fortran Code Snippet

Software Development. Radiative Pion Decay Monte Carlo Generators (2014-2016)

Read more in this CERN note.

Dave Britton

David Britton

Project Leader

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Dan Protopopescu

Dan Protopopescu

Research Associate

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Ian Skillicorn

Ian Skillicorn


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Bruno Angelucci

Connor Graham

Ph.D Student

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CERN technical notes:

  • Radiative Pion Decay Monte Carlo Generators for NA62 NA62-14-10
  • A computing Model for NA62 NA62-14-03
  • NA62 Grid Monte Carlo Production Tools NA62-13-12

Reference talks:


Monte Carlo s/w howto
Grid production howto
Production rota howto

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NA62 CERN Homepage
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