PPE Doughnut Rota

Who's next

If you can't fulfill your assignment, use the form at the bottom of this page to swap* with someone else. You have to do this two or more weeks in advance! To swap, check the box for the relevant week, choose the skip interval and submit. You can use the same form to request to be removed completely from the rota, if you have a good reason to do so.

☛ 21 May 22-26 Lluis Simon Argemi On duty
#22 May 29-2 Sara Karodia Can't change
#23 June 5-9 Dwayne Spiteri
#24 June 12-16 Dima Maneuski
#25 June 19-23 Anna Duncan
#26 June 26-30 Kenny Wraight
#27 July 3-7 Umar Gul
#28 July 10-14 Richard Bates
#29 July 17-21 Andy Buckley
#30 July 24-28 Leyre Flores
#31 July 31-4 Sneha Naik
#32 August 7-11 Kestutis Kanisauskas
#33 August 14-18 Bogdan Mishchenko
#34 August 21-25 Craig Buttar
#35 August 28-1 Neil Moffat
#36 September 4-8 Patrik Hallsjo
#37 September 11-15 Andrew Blue
#38 September 18-22 Chris Pollard
#39 September 25-29 Donatas Zaripovas
#40 October 2-6 Will Breaden-Madden
#41 October 9-13 Lauren Douglas
#42 October 16-20 Sarah Boutle
#43 October 23-27 Mark Owen
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You will receive reminders two weeks and one week before your turn. Then you will receive daily reminders to buy milk and, on Friday, doughnuts.

* one is allowed a maximum of 3 swaps per calendar year

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