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I would like to thank the organisers of the conference for arranging an excellent meeting. Prof. D. Saxon and the University of Glasgow are gratefully acknowledged for funding my participation. Many ALEPH colleagues have helped in the preparation of this contribution, particularly A. Blondel, R. Tenchini, F. Ligabue, P. Teixeira-Dias and E. Lanšon. Thanks also to M. Thomson (OPAL) and S. Gentile (L3) for their fast response to questions.

Figure 1: Left: distribution of the mass recoiling in the He+e- and H $ \mu^{+}_{}$$ \mu^{-}_{}$ channels after all selection criteria are applied. Right: The distribution of the reconstructed Higgs boson mass in the H $ \nu$$ \overline{\nu }$ channel. The solid histograms are background and the dashed histograms are signal.

Figure 2: Distribution of the reconstructed Higgs boson mass in the channel HZ $ \rightarrow$ b $ \overline{\rm b}$q $ \overline{\rm q}$. The solid histogram is background and the dashed histogram is signal.
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