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Tony Doyle

Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Glasgow
Glasgow G12 8QQ
U. K.

What have I been doing recently?

Research, Teaching and Admin. (in that order..).

Tony Doyle is a Professor of Physics at the University of Glasgow, who is currently working on particle physics experiments based at CERN (Geneva) and DESY (Hamburg). He has worked on various data analysis issues, starting with online trigger systems, progressing to Monte Carlo simulation studies and through to physics data analysis.

As an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, DESY Visiting Scientist and Member of the ZEUS Collaboration, he worked on the analysis of Structure Functions and Hadronic Final States in Deep Inelastic Scattering. More recently, as a PPARC Senior Fellow and Member of the ATLAS Collaboration, he has been working on analysis methods to search for the Higgs boson at the LHC. This task requires significant data and computational resources and led to an interest in Grid Data Management as part of the EU DataGrid project.

He is currently GridPP Project Leader, working with a collaboration of Particle Physicists and Computing Scientists from the UK and CERN, who are building a Grid for Particle Physics. He co-directs the ScotGRID project and is a member of the NeSC Executive. He is a member of the DataGrid Project Management Board, LHC Computing Grid Project Execution Board and the InterGrid Collaboration Board. In addition he serves on the JISC Committee for the Support of Research, the PPARC Particle Physics Advisory Panel, the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology Steering Group, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics.

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