LHCb Flat Bookings 2010

Please note that the flat is paid by LHCb-UK (administered by RAL):
For users other than LHCb funded from the group budget,
a nightly rate of 58CHF is charged (same as CERN hostel)
and should be paid to the LHCb account, (FE90000).
Please contact Antonis Papanestis (a.papanestis@rl.ac.uk) for any booking enquiries.


A new password protection has been added to the web-pages. If you are a genuine LHCb-UK user and you require the password, please email Paul Soler (p.soler@physics.gla.ac.uk).

The flats are run on an honour system and it is requested that 1CHF per night be dropped into the jar provided on the desk near the door to pay for small incidental expenses.

Select which month you wish to visit:

How to Book a room

Filling in the form (please select your name, institute and experiment) acordingly:


  • RL=RAL
  • BR=Bristol
  • CA=Cambridge
  • ED=Edinburgh
  • GL=Glasgow
  • IC=Imperial College
  • LI=Liverpool
  • MA=Manchester
  • OX=Oxford
  • WA=Warwick
  • Other

Experimental budget:

  • CM=CMS
  • ST=STFC student
  • Other

Soler on Glasgow LHCb work = Select Soler, GL and LB

Select which room you wish to book
Room choice = ROOM 1: to book into room 1

Then Select the First and Last night of your stay (note the days are inclusive)
First day = 1 Last day = 3 : will book for the nights of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Then select the function:
book in : will book a room
un-book : will free the room

Once you have booked your room you may well need to reload the booking page to see the changes

Numerous errors may occur whilst you fill in the form, please take care to select the form values correctly.
If an error occurs then re-load the booking page and attempt to re-book.
If one of your requested bookings (on a daily basis) cannot be booked an error will occur,
this may be simply due to the room you tried to book being pre-booked, again re-load the booking form
and attempt to re-book or book an alternate room.

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