Particle Physics Theory

Research at Glasgow

The LHCb group at Glasgow has been involved in the construction of two major subdetectors which will enable precison measurements at LHCb: the VErtex LOcator (VELO), which is responsible for the precise reconstruction of primary and secondary vertices and provides LHCb with the proper time resolution required for its time-dependent measurements; and the Ring Imaging CHerenkov (RICH) detector, which provides LHCb with the particle identification required to separate topologically identical B decays such as B -> &pi&pi and B -> KK. With the LHCb construction nearing its end, the Glasgow group is taking a leading role in the alignment and simulation of the VELO subdetector in preparation for first data taking near the end of 2008.

The Glasgow LHCb group also has a significant programme of physics analysis, which will aim to exploit the potential of LHCb to discover New Physics in the heavy flavour sector. The group is taking a leading role in the measurement of the CKM angle &gamma from the New Physics sensitive decay modes B -> hh as well as from tree level decays such as B_q -> D_q u_q. Alongside probing New Physics in CP violation, both measurements will also probe the validity of important QCD models such as U-spin symmetry and Heavy Quark Expansion (HQE). The group is also leading the way in the precision measurements of the decay channel B -> K* µµ , which will probe New Physics through measurements of the dimuon mass distribution, differential branching ratio, and forward backward asymmetry.

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