The Glasgow NA62 Group

Summary of research carried out by the NA62 Group at Glasgow PPE


We contribute to a wide range of topics, including Grid simulations, MC software, and physics analysis.

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Participating people are David Britton, Dan Protopopescu, Ian Skillicorn, and Alan Norton.

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NA62 Wiki

Please visit our wiki to find documentation and to follow the progress of our work for NA62.

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Data Quality Comparison Tools for shifters (2021-2024)

Side-by-side comparisons between current and reference runs, to asses the correct functioning of the data taking. For details see this page.

DQ Comp Tool

The In-Between (or 'Inter Burst') Monitor (2022-2024)

A tool to collect and show run info that is in between what is displayed by the Run Control and Online Monitor screens. Available online via this link.


Production Interface

Grid Production Toolkit custom-built for NA62 (2013-2024)

A complex custom-built job submission and management system, with built-in resource optimisation, file catalogue, detailed accounting, etc. Visit the production portal.

MC Validation

Monte Carlo Validation automatic checks (2020-2024)

Rigorous comparisons between experimental data and MC simulations, to verify the accurate implementation of the detector model and responses in the simulation software. For details see this page and this paper.

Synthetic Data generation of NA62 beam halo (2021-2024)

GANs trained with BDSim beam halo simulations are used to generate synthetic mu-, mu+, and K+ beam halo overlays up to 50 times faster than with BDsim.


Machine Learning Tools for Event Selection (2018-2021)

Employing combinations of supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods for physics event selection, with the aim of improving experimental yield and measurement accuracy. See the LFTM project

Neural network


Kinematic Fitting (2017-2018)

Improvements of the resolution in missing mass and and gamma- gamma mass as result of constrained fits are demonstrated via studies of reconstructed K+ → π+ + π0 events. Details and results can be found in this paper.

Fortran Code Snippet

Simulation Software Pion decay MC Generators (2014-2016)

MC generators for the π → lνγ process were studied, comparing existing NA62 code with PiENu and KLOE implementations. Read more in this CERN note.

Dave Britton

David Britton

Professor/Group Leader

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Dan Protopopescu

Dan Protopopescu

Research Fellow

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Ian Skillicorn

Ian Skillicorn

Emeritus Professor

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Alan Norton

Alan Norton

Visiting Researcher

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CERN technical notes

Kinematic Fit Studies of the Channel K+ → π+ π0 NA62-18-07
Radiative Pion Decay Monte Carlo Generators for NA62 NA62-14-10
A computing Model for NA62 NA62-14-03
NA62 Grid Monte Carlo Production Tools NA62-13-12
Automated Comparison Tools for NA62 Monte Carlo Validation NA62-21-06


Monte Carlo s/w howto
Grid production howto
Production rota howto
MC Validation local resources

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