PPE Doughnut Rota

Coffee and donut


For rota volunteers:

    Please check daily if there's fresh milk in the fridge in the P&A Common Room. If it's finished, or if the milk is 'past best' please buy a new 4-pint carton, ready for tea/coffee at 11:00. Save the receipts.

    Friday doghnuts
    On Friday morning, you have to buy doughnuts. For this go to the Greggs shop on Byres Rd., buy about £10-£14 worth of doughnuts (don't forget to ask for a receipt!), and bring them at 11:00 to the P&A Common Room. Include a £1 mini-doughnut bag. Croissants and other types of pastry are welcome as well.

    Expense recovery
    Bring all the receipts (milk + doughnuts) to the PPE secretary to obtain a refund.

    Skip turn
    If something comes up and you need to skip your turn, please click here and follow the instructions.

For everyone else:

    If you would like to join the rota, please email the PPE secretary and/or Dan.

    Coffee machine
    The PPE coffee machine is located at the back of the P&A Common Room, on the righ hand side. Notify the PPE secretary or Richard of you notice any problems.

    The milk carton is to be found in the fridge in the P&A Common Room. It will be labeled 'PPE'. If there's no milk left in there, one should check the fridge located in the small kitchenette near the PPE secretary's office.

Coffee prices are displayed on the machine. Please note that the machine does not give change!

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