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PPE Internal Pages: COVID-19 Return to Work

Returning to campus

Before returning to campus, you must complete the induction course on Moodle:

Covid-19 recovery - Return to Campus Induction

After completing this course, your campus card will be reactivated centrally.


Information about COVID-19 is linked from the school's home page:

School of Physics and Astronomy

The University of Glasgow COVID-19 Recovery Guides provide guidance for staff and students, including information about what to do if you have, or suspect you have, COVID-19.

The Kelvin Building safety pages include additional information specific to users of the Kelvin Building.

You can book access to PPE labs here:

PPE Lab Bookings

You can book access to shared PPE offices here:

PPE Office Bookings

The office sharing arrangements for all PPE offices are recorded here:

PPE Office Sharing Arrangements

Please make lab bookings by noon on the Friday of the week before your access. Please update your input on office sharing arrangements by contacting Jill Borland.


PPE GROUP COVID19 ACCESS RA 210921.docx (Updated 2021-09-21)
PPE Method 210921.docx (Updated 2021-09-21)

Before accessing the building, the above two documents should be downloaded, read, signed electronically and sent to Jill Borland, with a copy to the Physics and Astronomy Safety Officer (John Marshall) and the Chair of the Safety Committee (Declan Diver).

CoSE Covid-19 response matrix A4.docx

The COVID-19 reporting form can be accessed through the helpdesk:

COVID-19 reporting form

The above link will take you directly to the form if you have recently signed into the helpdesk, and to the sign-in page if not. If you are asked to sign in, you will be redirected to the helpdesk front page; the form is linked from that page, or you can use the above link a second time to be taken directly to it.


Lab Co-ordinatorRichard Bates
Lab GuardianFred Doherty
Research Group LeaderTony Doyle
School-wide preparationsCraig Buttar
Physics and Astronomy Safety OfficerJohn Marshall
Chair of Safety CommitteeDeclan Diver