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PPE Internal Pages: Online Induction for PPE New Members

Dept Safety & Regulation Plans - Links

Guidance on the safety policy of the School of Physics and Astronomy:

Safety & Regulation Plans Induction

Health & Safety Induction Talk for PPE group Staff & Students - Links

All new members are required to complete the University's Health and Safety Online Induction. The purpose is to ensure they are aware of their health and safety responsibilities and remain safe during the course of their work (Powerpoint Download):

Health & Safety Induction Talk for PPE group Staff & Students

PPE Research Group Main Page - Links

The experimental particle physics group at the University of Glasgow is studying the fundamental constituents of matter, and their interactions. Our activities are carried out in collaboration with international laboratories such as CERN, where we participate in experimental collaborations and analyse large datasets in search of new phenomena. To further these studies the group is developing future detector technologies for experimentation, and computer grids for analysis of data:

PPE Research Group Main Page Induction

Video & Telophone Conferencing- Links

The group depends upon excellent communications between distributed groups/individuals. We rely upon IP video-conferencing facilities for operational discussions between multiple users at all levels:

Video & Telophone Conferencing Induction

Glasgow Laboratory for Advanced Detector Development (GLADD)- Links

The GLADD is a clean room. A clean room is a controlled environment. Here are some instructions for 'best practice' use of this important room:

Glasgow Laboratory for Advanced Detector Development (GLADD) Induction

PPE Research Facilities Good Practice- Links

All Physics & Astronomy 4th Year Project students should have filled in the required Departmental Safety Assessment and Plan for Safe Working document provided by the Project Supervisor before commencing any work within the PPE labs (Word Doc Download):

PPE Research Facilities Good Practice Induction

Data Management Support for Researchers- Links

The University of Glasgow has a range of resources to support researchers seeking to manage their research data. These resources include the Research Data Management Service, these Research Data Management webpages and Enlighten: Research Data, the University's research data repository:

Data Management Support for Researchers Induction

Radiation Protection Services- Links

The Radiation Protection Service provides information and guidance on the implementation of Government Legislation and University Policy and advice to all students and staff on safety issues arising from the use of ionising and non-ionising radiation:

Radiation Protection Services Induction

RPS Health Physics Undergraduate notes- Links

Information sheets are available to members of staff and students for the most commonly used radionuclides they may encounter within their laboratory or research environment:

RPS Health Physics Undergraduate notes Induction


Lab Co-ordinatorRichard Bates
Lab GuardianFred Doherty
Research Group LeaderTony Doyle
School-wide preparationsCraig Buttar
Physics and Astronomy Safety OfficerJohn Marshall
Chair of Safety CommitteeDeclan Diver