PPE ATLAS Flat in Meyrin

Obtaining keys and access codes

The front door access code was last changed in June 2008. Obtain this code from Valerie. Both the top and bottom door locks are now in use. Make sure you have both keys.

Please obtain the flat keys and access code from Valerie. After your return, preferably hand over the keys back to Valerie. However, if you pass them directly to someoene else, use the form below to update the database:

Key setWithFromToOption
#2Lauren Douglas25 August24 August-
#2Valerie Flood25 August24 August-
#2Aidan Robson25 August28 August-
#2Anna Duncan29 August13 September-
#1Dima Maneuski14 September21 September-
#1Valerie Flood22 September1 October-
#2Mark Owen14 September2 October-
#2Valerie Flood3 October4 October-
#1David Britton2 October25 October-
#1Mark Owen26 October5 November-
#2Kenny Wraight5 October6 November-
#3Lluis Simon Argemi22 September-Hand over
#1Dana Bobulska6 November-Hand over
#2Michael Alexander7 November-Hand over

The flat has Wireless internet access. Details on using it can be found on the PPE IT wiki page.

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